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Apart from several years of scientific research, I have spent my entire working life working for commercial companies in and around healthcare. I started in sales, and progressed through various roles to marketing, people management and later to strategy development. I have learned an incredible amount from the complex field of healthcare, and our current healthcare system. I also learned a lot about the innovations that are needed to continue to provide high-quality care, not only now, but also in the future. I now use all this knowledge and experience to support small and large organizations in and around healthcare in defining their unique contribution to healthcare.

I am also a member of the Central Expert Panel of ICHOM ( to help them define their best route to creating value for patients. And as an expert in the field of strategy, transformation and Value Based Healthcare (VBHC), I am regularly asked as a speaker or for interviews or podcasts on these topics. Finally, I am a member of the governance board of a large organization for elderly care and have a seat in their committee for quality, safety & innovation.

When we will work together you will notice that I am a fast concept thinker with strong analytical skills. Through a helicopter view I can separate main issues from side issues and provide focus and direction. Together we will take a step-by-step look at the challenge you face, in which I will be both visionary and roll up my sleeves and get to work.

If this appeals to you, just contact me, maybe I can support you or your organization?

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What clients say about North Star

  • “With unbridled effort, Jannie has set up a solid organization with a wonderful program in a very short time. Very nice how she jumped into this and gave everything for our foundation! We greatly appreciated this!”

    Felice Verduyn - Van Weegen
    Chair of the Board Zorgambassade, February 2023
  • “We asked Jannie to help us articulate and provide insight into our wonderful use cases. Jannie did a great job, combining her knowledge of what is needed in the field of value-based care and her strategic background with what we can offer. In addition, as a bonus, Jannie has tapped into her own network to discuss the use cases, which has led to some very valuable conversations. Awesome! ”

    Everdien Derksen
    Director Healthcare IQVIA Netherlands, December 2022
  • “Jannie has helped us tremendously in articulating our mission, exploring strengths and weaknesses, dividing our stakeholders into near and far and prioritizing them.”

    Ted van Essen
    Chair of the Durtch Influenza Foundation, February 2022
  • “For our start-up, Jannie made the difference between a great idea and a strong proposition. It is great to work with someone who really understands the problems in healthcare, quickly sees your opportunities and challenges and can help you map out the broad outline of your route. As a great bonus, she also helps you fill in the details and shares her very relevant network."

    Bram de Moor
    Founder & General Manager You2Yourself, December 2021